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Why is an easy to use project management and collaboration application for both traditional and virtual teams. Our main emphasis is to help teams achieve better result and higher productivity by combining best project management practices and effective collaboration tools into one comprehensive application. Regardless of whether your team is located in one room or across the continent, Sagekick will help your team to work smoothly and efficiently so it can be as productive as it can be. We have created the best tools you need to have a virtual project room in the cloud.

How safe are my files and my projects' data?

We use highly respected to host our servers. All files are encrypted using 256 bit encryption; in fact we use the same security safeguards as banks use to secure your financial transactions. In addition, all servers are backed up daily in different locations across USA and soon in Europe.

How do I know if you will be in business in 2 years?

We have been in business since 2008. We are backed by private investment, and we make enough money to sustain our business. Our goal is long term growth. We will be here for a long time to come!

If I have a question or suggestion, what should I do?

Contact us at

Do you have a mobile version for iPhone & Android?

We are working on it.

What do I get with a free trial plan?

We offer free plan for 3 users, 2 projects and 2GB storage. Free plans have all the functionality of paid plans and are free for a month. If you need more users or projects or time for evaluation, contact us at and we will accommodate your needs for the trial period.

Does Sagekick have special / custom plans?

We understand that every company and team is unique. In addition to plans listed in the pricing page, we can customize plans that fit your needs and budget. Contact us at with any inquiry.

Do you Sync with Google Calendar?


Do you sync with Google Drive?


Do you sync with Dropbox?


Do you offer load balance for each project?

Yes, in fact we have one of the most innovative load balance (resource loading) tools in the market today.

Do you offer project templating?

Yes, we offer project duplication, which means you can use any project you have as a template for a new project. All tasks and project members are imported in the new project and the start date of the of the project is adjusted per user's input.

Do you offer load balance across all my projects?

Yes, it is called workspace (Portfolio) resource loading and shows tasks for each user in all your projects. You can effectively distribute work to your team regardless of how large organization you manage.

Can I use Google Docs in Sagekick?


Can I sync with outlook?

Not yet, but we are working on it

Can I select weekends and holidays for my projects?

Yes. Tasks which fall on weekends or holidays are automatically corrected.

Is there a personal calendar?


Do projects have their own Calendar?


Are there different ways of viewing my tasks in Sagekick?

Yes, we offer 5 ways to visualize tasks:
  1. Detail Task page
  2. Interactive Gantt
  3. Summary view in Dashboard
  4. Calendar View
  5. Tasks shown in resource loading (load balance) graph

How do I view images and PDF files

In the project files page Just click on any image or PDF file. The file is displayed in a new browser. Large files take longer to show. You can open a PDF file and go through its pages and mark it up collaboratively with you team. You can also zoom in and out. We will add support for more formats in the markup tool in the near future.  In the whiteboard, you can drag & drop an image or a PDF file from the project folder drop down menu to the whiteboard. This enables the team to collaborate on a document while displayed on the whiteboard. You can resize any item in the whiteboard. When opening PDF files, a window let’s you select the page you want to paste on the whiteboard.

Do you offer discounts for long term contracts?

Yes, in the pricing page we list both monthly and yearly pricing. We offer further discounts for 2 and 3 years plans. Contact us at

What can I do in the whiteboard?

Our new whiteboard is an interactive real-time collaboration tool. You and your project team can use the whiteboard for brainstorming, presentation or review. You can write, draw or open jpg, PNG and PDF documents for collaboration. Everybody present at the session can write or draw on the whiteboard and all can see the changes in real time. The combination of the chat tool and the whiteboard provides a powerful collaboration environment. A tool like Skype could be used to add voice to the collaboration session. In the future we may integrate Skype in the whiteboard and chat to enhance collaboration.

Do you offer portfolio Gantt-Chart

It is under development and will be available soon. All tasks from all proejcts in your portfolio will be shown in one Gantt chart.

Do you have live customer support?

Paid users will have access to 24/7 live customer support via email. We will also provide telephone support for premium accounts. You can always send email to Our Twitter account, @binfire_info is also a good place to discuss issues or ask questions!

There are other companies who provide this type of service. Why should I use

We provide the most comprehensive project management and collaboration tools online and yet have kept it easy to use. We have integrated unique and easy to use social media features like message board for project discussions, interactive multi-media whiteboard, Project folder, real tasks and milestones with dependencies, group chat and more. All these services are integrated into one easy to use site.

For how long I can keep my free account?

You can keep your free account for a month. If you need longer time for evaluation let us know at

Can I access the old versions of my files?

Yes, you can access all versions of any file. Use the file drop down tool to see file info.

Can I archive my projects?


How many projects can I create?

In the free plan, you can create two projects and join unlimited number of projects created by your colleagues or friends who have premium plans at Sagekick. Each paid plan has its own number of users and projects. Refer to pricing page for more details.

How many files I can upload?

As many as you would like, as long as you have space in your online storage you can upload files. For free account the storage limit is 2GB and the file size limit is up to 200 MB. You can upload multiple files. We don’t limit the number of files or the combined size of all files when you upload.

Can I download a few files at the same time?

We will have this feature soon. All files will be ZIPPED and downloaded.

How to use tasks and millstones?

We use a top down methodology for project management. Define your high level tasks first, then create your sub tasks for each high level task. Assign resources to the tasks, set the due time and add dependencies. You can add one or more dependency to a task. If a task depends on another task, its start date can’t be before the end date of the task which it depends on. You can keep track of your entire project in one compact page and see tasks that are late or falling behind.

How many members can I add to my project?

As free member you can add up to 2 additional members (in addition to yourself) to the project. Notice that all project members have their own private storage with 2 GB of storage space. The resources for your project come from your storage space not theirs. For paid plans see the pricing page.

How can I recover my password?

In the login page you can find forgot password link to reset your password. You'll get a link in your email to change your password.

Do you plan to sync the new calendar with Google & Outlook?

We already have Google Calendar sync, will have Outlook in the future

Do you integrate Sagekick with Google Docs?

Yes we do.

Do you plan to provide file sync?

Yes, that is in our plans, and it will be available in the near future.

Do you offer native mobile apps?

We are working on them and will be available for Android and IOS devices soon.

Does every project have its own Gantt chart?

Yes, in fact we offer one of the best interactive Gantt charts in the industry.

Can I view tasks for all my projects in one Gantt chart view?

Currently no, but we are woking on this feature.

Do you offer a discussion board for projects?

Yes we have an interactive message board with ability to add comments and attach files.

What is the personal section?

In Sagekick you have you own personal section for storing private files and customizing how to use the application. This gives you a great place to store confidential files which you don't want members of your team to have access to.

I see I can add an Admin to my workspace, what does this mean?

If you want somebody in your team to be able to manage your projects, add new members etc. you can assign him / her as an admin in your workspace.

Do you send notifications?

Yes, if a task is assigned to you or if the task is changed you get notification. If you star a file or a task and if there is a change in either of them, you get notification. If a new file is uploaded to project folder and if a new message posted on message board, all project members get notified. The project owner can turn this feature off.

Why do you require all new users to have a valid email

Sagekick is a collaborative project management application. As such we need to make sure the messages and notifications sent by the app gets to the project members.

What is a Workspace in Sagekick?

Workspace is a holder for all your projects and contains the rules you set for all your projects (like weekend & holidays, work hours etc). It also means Portfolio when referring to resource loading for all your projects or a Gantt chart showing all tasks in your projects.

Do you offer discounts for Education institutions?

Yes, contact

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, contact

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