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Project Management software

Managing projects requires planning, putting a team together, creating tasks & milestone and assign them to team members. The project manager needs to monitor and track the project and each task within the project. It is hard work but by using the right tools makes the job is more manageable and enjoyable. There are many project management methodologies practiced by project managers. Your tools should support the methodology you are using for your projects. Our goal is to bring all that is needed by project managers and their teams to work collaboratively regardless of the methods they use or the size of the team. This includes managing tasks, tracking progress of the project during its life cycle and enabling collaboration and communication.

If you are using waterfall, Agile or Hybrid methods to manage your projects, have traditional or remote team, Sagekick supports them all. To find how Sagekick can help you manage projects better, try Sagekick for free and see for yourself.

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Project Management

Sagekick improves transparency in a project by making all data visible to project manager and her team in real time. You might ask, why do I need one application with many features when I can choose from many offering for each feature I need. Why not buy a do list from one vendor and a whiteboard from another and so on? The answer is that when information is scattered on many applications and tools, making a high level view of what is going on is impossible. By collecting all data related to a project, Sagekick can paint an accurate and real time view of the status of the project. Everything you put into your project, is available for analyses and review at any time during and after project life cycle.

Sagekick is the only tool in the market today, that significantly reduces the need to use email as the standard collaboration medium in projects.