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Project Collaboration software

In project management, collaboration is the essential ingredient for success. That is why Sagekick project management software includes all collaboration features needed by both traditional and remote teams. These include message boards which let the team communicate and collaborate, interactive whiteboard for brainstorming and real time chat for instant communication among team members. This creates an optimum collaboration and sharing environment which allows teams to do more and achieve more.

Thousands of businesses use Sagekick to manage projects and collaborate in real time between team members, contractors, suppliers and customers. You can try Sagekick for free and see for yourself how your team productivity and collaboration will skyrocket in a few short weeks.

Featured in

Project Collaboration

The following is a list of collaboration tools you will find in Binfire:

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Internal messaging
  • Group Chat
  • Document (PDF) Collaboration
  • Real-time Notification
  • Google Doc integration
  • Dropbox Integration

All collaboration and communication data is saved and could be retrieved for future analyses.