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Agile project management software

Agile project management methodology has gained a lot of traction recently, especially among start ups and high tech companies. Agile is an iterative management process used in the past by software development teams and more recently by other industries. The development is divided into small iterations called sprints. Each sprint is typically between 2 to 6 weeks. After a iteration is finished, the team reviews the result and lessons learned are applied to the next sprint. The major advantage of agile is that the make it easy to respond to changes in requirements and market shift. It also brings up issues in design and development much sooner than any other project management method. Agile relies on fast decision making to finish the project in the shortest time possible. Agile is not a good method for projects in which decisions are made by committee.

Binfire’s task manager supports agile project management methods and its variants like scrum. The personal and project dashboards let you have different lists for backlog, open tasks, working on tasks, waiting for approval and done. If your project is light you can use the dashboard’s Kanban board to plan all tasks in your project. For more complicated projects, the task manger supports advance features needed by such projects.

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