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Upgrade your plan

After the 30 days trial period ends you need to upgrade your plan to be able to continue using the application. We offer extremely flexible and affordable plans for small and large companies. Please check Binfire’s pricing page for more details. If you don’t upgrade the application, the login is disabled and you won’t be able to use the application until you upgrade. The data in the application is kept for 45 days in case you decide to upgrade at a later date. After 45 days limit, all data from the application is removed. If you decide to upgrade after 45 days please contact support at To upgrade your plan, click on upgrade link at top of any page while you are logged in to the application. Select the number of people in your project, if you want to pay monthly or yearly and if you need basic or more advanced plans. Notice the price per user per month is less than $6 for basic plans. Depending on if you choose to pay yearly or biennially, the price will go to as low as $2.8 per user per month depending on the number of users in your team. The same is true for other plans like Pro, Corp and Enterprise.

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