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Communication & Collaboration

Sagekick brings communication and collaboration tools needed in a project in a virtual office as part of work management software. The complete list of communication and project collaboration software tools is listed below:

  • Message Board:
  • Live Chat:
  • Internal Messaging
  • Interactive Whiteboard:
  • Comments:

Message board is a great tool for project discussion. You can create multiple rooms to discuss different topics with colleagues, clients and contractors. You can create rooms for all members of your project or a subset based on the topic which you want to cover. The ability to attach files from Sagekick’s Cloud storage, Google Drive and Dropbox enhances the message board’s functionality.

Live chat is a great tool for team communication and collaboration. You can start talking to one of your team members and add others to the conversation as needed. To start the chat, just press the chat box on the right bottom of your page. The text at the bottom of this box tells you how many of your colleagues are online and logged in to Sagekick. Click on somebody’s name and a chat text box will open. To add others, just drag their name to the chat box from the chat control panel. This way you can talk to one or all of your colleagues while working on your project.

Internal messaging: If you want to leave a private message for a colleague who is not online, you can use the internal messaging feature in Sagekick.

Interactive Whiteboard: The most effective tool for online collaboration and brainstorming is Sagekick’s interactive whiteboard. Here you can draw, write and paste images on an online whiteboard with your colleagues. Every member can draw on the whiteboard and everybody else sees the changes in real time.

Comments: Sagekick enables you to comment on tasks, messages, files and everything else stored in the application. This makes communication around a single item a lot more effective.

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